Tags - Annotate designs, projects with information that needs to be documented, considered or shared.

Start Annotating and Collaborating on Projects with VU.CITY 'Tags'

Tags is VU.CITY latest Cloud feature that enables richer information collation, sharing and collaboration to create a shared vision with project teams, clients and local authorities. This new features is designed to help increase engagement and optimise design and delivery throughout the planning process.

Zone of Theoretical Visibility Now Available in VU.CITY Cloud

Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV), also known as a Zone of Visual Influence (ZVI) or Viewshed, instantly allows you to see where people can view your proposal from.

virtual reality london

VU.CITY Virtual Reality model

On the 14th October 2020 we launched the most advanced, fully interactive virtual reality (VR) digital twin ever of a major city.


All the greatness of VU.CITY now available in the Cloud.

This makes rolling the Platform out across your team easier than ever before, with no special hardware or installation required, only an internet connection.

Your View on Your.VU

Your View on Your.VU.CITY


Teaching in planning through technology

VU.CITY: transforming teaching in planning through technology

Responding to an increasingly digitised world, VU.CITY is helping to bridge the knowledge gap between traditional planning and the rapidly modernising system beginning to emerge. Professional bodies such as the Royal Town Planning Institute now recognise digital planning skills as part of their Core Competency Framework – a sure sign that planning is on the cusp of becoming digital. To smooth the transition from a culture of paper to a culture of digital, QUB has committed to using VU.CITY – the world’s largest, most accurate smart city platform – as the medium through which to prepare Planners for the future of their profession: digital planning and digital decision making.

Queen’s University Belfast Secure Knowledge Transfer Partnership Funding

VU.CITY and Queen’s University Belfast Secure Knowledge Transfer Partnership Funding

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme helps businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity by providing better access to the knowledge, technology and skills held within the UK.

Planning into the community

VU.CITY bringing planning into the community

We recently received funding from the Geospatial Commission for the development of an app that will enable anyone to see the buildings that are proposed in their area. The app will also allow them to comment on the plans. And it will provide access to a whole range of information about existing buildings – gathered from the public.

Customer's point of VU

Seeing the customer’s point of VU – How real-life case studies inform the on-going development of VU.CITY

It is for this reason that we are driven by the needs of the end-user, whether that is planners, developers, architects, local authorities – even the general public.

VU.CITY Awarded Grant by Innovate UK

VU.CITY Awarded Grant by Innovate UK

Our belief that the time is right to view the world digitally so we can make better decisions in planning was backed by Innovate UK, who recently awarded a government grant to support our work.

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