Why planners want 3D models as part of your planning process

“It’s about trying to manage good growth and sell the benefits of high quality,
high-density schemes to people overall.”
Allan Jones – Design Officer, London Borough of Redbridge

At our last Public Sector Discussion Forum, VU.CITY users were asked about the benefits of applicants submitting a 3D model as part of their planning process. It was recognised that whilst there’s an all-round intent to standardise the submission of 3D models, there’s a general lack of awareness within the development community as to the benefits it will bring.

The adoption of new technology can often take time, but we only need to remember the initial reluctance towards BIM to understand the results can be worth it.

With two-thirds of London’s Boroughs now signed up to use VU.CITY, as well as Belfast City Council, a growing number of design officers are realising the value of being able to show, and visualise, their architecture in 3D to help conceptualise the end result.

“2D Images don’t help,” says Nathaniel Baker of Haringey Council. “The general public can’t always see the end product, and even amassing model can help people to visualise what the end product really looks like. It’s all about transparency now, being able to visualise the cumulative impact and holistic view of development opportunities.”

Planners are still in the early stages of adopting this technology, with high hopes of increasing its adoption when the newly re-engineered VU.CITY is released.

“We find that using 3D adds that extra layer of detail that allows us to really understand
a building and its impact on its context. Ultimately, the tool allows us to get to the
final design much quicker and far more collaboratively.”
Tom Buttrick, London Borough of Southwark.

Architects who have recently adopted VU.CITY as part of their design process includes Foster and PartnersWilkinson EyreAHMM and Bennetts Associates – firms who are helping us change what the platform will look like in the coming years. Particularly as we build more tools to help shape the smart cities we live in.

Do you want to improve how the planning process is conducted?

To find out how to use VU.CITY as part of your process, please contact our Sales Team on 0203 889 7030.

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