VU.CITY Belfast

VU.CITY has created the largest and most accurate interactive 3D digital model of Belfast. Covering 57 sq km – including every building, road, tree and public space – it is accurate to within 15 cm.

VU.CITY saves time and money for anyone involved in planning development and is directly leading to better decision making. It is already being used by local government, public bodies, architects, land owners, developers and property agents.

VU.CITY gives anyone involved in the development and planning industry in Belfast not only a new view of the city, but also a revolutionary tool that can transform the planning and communication process around proposed and new developments and infrastructure projects.

Plan, propose, visualise.

Add your existing, current and proposed developments, and overlay city and environmental data.

Data Layers.

Choose from a growing list of data to help make better decisions, including historic buildings, air pollution, housing prices, bedrock, conservation areas, flood risk areas, greenbelt, housing zones and more.

Who is it for?

  • Developers
  • Planners
  • Local authorities
  • Architects
  • Transport Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Contractors

Features at your fingertips

Insert or create a 3D planning model in VU.CITY Belfast

Create or import designs securely and analyse them in situ

Search consented and proposed planning schemes in VU.CITY Belfast

Add, search and explore existing and proposed developments

Provide AVR scope in VU.CITY Belfast

Provide AVR scope to determine which views to assess

Sunlight analysis of Belfast using VU.CITY

Change time of day to see the changing sunlight and shadows

See Belfast historic building planning data in VU.CITY

Overlay historic building data

Search Belfast 3D planning model VU.CITY

Search by Place, Development, Postcode, Underground and Stations

Walk around Belfast at street level in VU.CITY

View the model by walking around at street level

Pedestrian and traffic data in VU.CITY

Pedestrian and traffic studies


Understand zone of theoretical visibility

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