Submitting a scheme for analysis throughout the Planning Process

How can using VU.CITY benefit my application?

VU.CITY is being used by a number of Local Authorities as part of the Application process. It allows users to import 3D massing models to assess proposed schemes in the context of the entire city by using the interactive toolset and view cameras.

Doing so will allow developers the opportunity to have an informed conversation with planners about potential massing, scale and height on a site. This is a benefit for all involved – a faster route to the end result.

Using VU.CITY is proven to drastically reduce cost in overall design iterations, and the creation of wireframe verified views, by scoping early on those that are and are not required.

There are 3 different pricing options for preparing a model:


Optimise the model yourself, by following these instructions.

Submit your scheme to VU.CITY via the link below. We will check the model imports, take a screenshot of it’s position in VU.CITY, and notify you if any changes are required.

If accepted, this will be sent back to you to forward on to the Planning Authority.

Pay per model

VU.CITY can optimise your model for you which is charged at £100 per hour for the time.

Dependent on the size of the file and level of detail this can take up to a day with a 3-5 day turnaround time.

You will receive images of your scheme in VU.CITY up to 5 screenshots at pre-agreed locations.

Annual Licence

Licences start from £5000 per user for full access to use VU.CITY throughout the design process.

You can then prepare, test and visualise all models yourself within the platform.

Contact the VU.CITY team on +44 (0) 203 889 7030 to arrange a demo.

How do we prepare a file for import?

VU.CITY is a visualisation tool, designed for assessing scale and impact. It is not designed to handle full BIM models, as they are simply too complex for the gaming platform to import. Windows, furniture and detailed balcony design, as examples are not required. Instead, it’s best to think about creating a massing model similar to those that would be created for visualisation purposes.

VU.CITY can import from multiple software programs, you need to prepare a geolocated 3D massing model that has a low polycount, and in fbx file format (a common export across most modelling platforms). The instructions on our knowledge base should help explain what is required.

If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to contact our tech support team on 0808 168 3931, who can talk you through the process.

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