A requirement through planning, for an increasing number of Local Authorities

Vital planning tool

The development of a digital model for London has long been called for as a vital planning tool for the city. VU.CITY is being rapidly adopted by many local authorities.

Used by over two thirds of London’s councils

VU.CITY has already been adopted by over two thirds of councils in London and is fast becoming a requirement for developers and designers of major projects in the capital.


Industry Standard

The City of London and London Boroughs of Westminster, Barking & Dagenham, Lambeth and Kingston upon Thames have all signed up with many more following suit. VU.CITY is fast becoming the industry standard method of considering development plans.

Effective engagement

VU.CITY is being used by public sector organisations including Transport for London and Historic England. The presentation of proposals through VU.CITY will speed up engagement with statutory consultees.

Aligned with Draft London Plan

The Draft London Plan makes specific reference to the use of digital modelling encouraging its use “as part of the plan-making process to assess growth options and forms and development” and “to help identify these areas (for tall building locations), assess tall building proposals and aid public consultation and engagement”.

Embrace the change

It is vital for architects, land owners and developers to understand and plan for the use of VU.CITY as part of the development planning process.

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