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An essential planning tool

Developers are asked to present their proposals in VU.CITY. It enables officers to instantly and accurately test the impact of height, scale and massing in both the existing context and within the context of future planned development. Many authorities are already writing the use of VU.CITY into their standard Planning Performance Agreement (PPA).

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Enable better informed pre-application advice

VU.CITY ensures that development proposals can be considered in their full local context, with complete freedom to move around the digital model and work collaboratively with the developer at pre-application stage.

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Make informed decisions on the requirements for Accurate Visual Representations (AVR)

VU.CITY transforms the scoping for AVRs allowing for an accurate assessment of any view, including those of local significance, by placing a virtual camera anywhere within VU.CITY. The results can be shared internally and with Councillors to demonstrate which views actually require full assessment.

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Avoid the need to purchase other modelling tools

VU.CITY will be kept up to date, including consented schemes not yet implemented, creating a constantly updated accurate model of your area. There is no need to purchase expensive models for the assessment of development proposals, which can rapidly become out of date.

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Geolocate your own models into VU.CITY when developing AAPs or site Masterplans

VU.CITY will transform the way local authorities undertake their own strategic planning and regeneration functions. It speeds up the iterative design process and allows immediate assessment of the impact on Conservation Areas, listed buildings, protected and local viewing corridors, sunlight paths, and transport data. Data overlays such as pedestrian (Legion) and traffic (VISSIM) are available as an additional service.

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A consultation tool for the public and stakeholders

Use VU.CITY to communicate with local communities in a transparent and engaging way and facilitate constructive conversations about development and growth. The GLA Draft London Plan specifically seeks msuch tools to “be used to inform and engage Londoners in the Planning Process”.

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Customise VU.CITY as an assessment tool

VU.CITY is a completely customisable digital platform allowing the integration and display of other data sets. This could include amenity space, schools and GP surgery data, house price information or demographic and income figures to help plan for the provision of council services.

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Already in use by over two thirds of London’s boroughs

As used by Transport for London, the City of Westminster, the City of London, Southwark Council, Barking & Dagenham Council the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and others.

“Westminster has been looking for a reliable and accurate dynamic 3D computer model for some time. VU.CITY is exactly what we were looking for and it is going to change the way planning happens in London.”

John Walker, Director of Planning – Westminster City Council

“This is the future, physical models of London are good but they don’t tell the whole story. VU.CITY enables us to give developers a better understanding of how we want to do business and the opportunities available in our borough. It gives members of the council and local residents an understanding of how the whole borough is developing.”

Darren Rodwell, Leader - London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

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