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3D Visualisation

From conceptual images for Mercedes Benz and Accurate Visual Representations for the Crown Estate to high detailed Central London Residential CGIs, we create engaging, accurate and beautiful images that communicate your vision.

Many of our team are trained architects, enabling us to speak to architectural teams on a technical level.

  • CGIs for Planning and Marketing
  • Verified Views (AVRs/VVMs)
  • Competition Images
  • Aerial Photo-Montages (Helicopter & Drone Footage etc.)
  • Film / Animation

We create flythrough animations which take users on a guided tour around the site. Set to music or a voiceover, we tell the story of the development proposals. The user is taken along a predefined and rendered path that we agree with you.

The videos can be generated in conjunction with other work and can either be taken directly out of a real-time scene and used as they are or be enhanced with higher detailed textures, reflections and lighting for higher quality visual output.

    We create shared VR environments, using 360 projection in domes and cylinders. Using seamless 360º screens the technology can be used for indoor and outdoor events, creating an immersive experience for you and your clients.

    We create 360º flythroughs that can be played and explored on computers and mobile devices when uploaded to YouTube. These videos can also be included as part of a bespoke application.


      We produce verified views and landscape visual impact assessments (LVIA) photomontages to help secure development planning consent.

      When combining an architectural 3D model with a photograph, the accuracy of the match is paramount. These accurate representations are used to give stakeholders a precise impression of development in context before it is built.

      Unlike standard CGIs, these must stand up to the rigours of the planning process and we have the technical skills in house to deliver with expert precision.


      Instant and accurate decision making using the most up to date and accurate 3D digital city model.

      Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) is a calculation that shows the geographical area that is visible from a specific location.

      Whilst traditional methods can take weeks and large budgets to create, we have developed a cost-effective application that can calculate ZTV accurately within minutes. All we need is your 3D model to get started.

      3d visualisation ztv

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