London Borough of Southwark

London Borough of Southwark has licenced VU.CITY in order to enable their planning and development teams to understand developers’ proposals in context. Using the city model, it is possible to overlay GIS data, sightlines, LVMFs, transport links and sunlight paths, therefore offering LB of Southwark an unparalleled method of digitally understanding development and infrastructure projects both in the context of the borough, but equally in the context of London as a whole.

VU.CITY is helping LB of Southwark planning team looking specifically at the Old Kent Road Area Action Plan area. VU.CITY is helping the borough design and test ideas for the development and growth in the area over the next 20 years; providing locations for 20,000 new homes, a revitalised high street with shopping and town centre facilities, assessing the design and heights of buildings and spaces, improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, including new links and making existing routes safer, public transport improvements including an extension to the Bakerloo Line and two new underground stations.

The collective vision is that all future developments will go into the VU.CITY model, creating a valuable tool that visualises proposed schemes in the context of the existing built environment and what has been consented.


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