Iceni Projects

Iceni Projects are a planning consultancy that helps build better ‘places’ to work, rest and play, whilst ensuring they are timeless for future generations. Iceni have been at the forefront of adopting PlanTech solutions through their Iceni Futures group, to better their work and deliver more value for their clients, which led them to adopting VU.CITY…

Iceni have been using VU.CITY to support their townscape and heritage impact assessments, preliminary viewpoint studies. Helping them make more informed decisions and changes prior to pre-app, leading to better collaboration and trust on projects with clients, architects and London’s boroughs.

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We’re bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants in one room and we’re viewing the drawing, the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY.
Charlotte Orrell - Senior Planner
VU.CITY Case Study Iceni Futures
VU.CITY Iceni Abbey Retail Park
Charlotte Orrell - Senior Planner at Iceni Projects.
Abbey Retail Park, both North and South (consented scheme) in Barking & Dagenham, which Iceni Projects were EIA, Planning, Heritage & Townscape, Transport, Sustainability and Impact Assessment consultants.
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We liaise with the designers and the architects and we import their 3D model that they have worked up, and within VU.CITY we’re able to carry out our preliminary view point studies.
Ailish Killilea - Associate, Built Heritage & Townscape
Tower Bridge Court in Southwark
VU.CITY Case Study Iceni
Tower Bridge Court (consented scheme) in Southwark, which Iceni Projects were Planning and Heritage & Townscape consultants.
Ailish Killilea - Associate, Built Heritage & Townscape from Iceni Projects.
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Councils can see, officers can see very quickly when they see a development in VU.CITY that it makes sense to them...Historically, you’d give the Borough five or six views and they would go - “you cherry picked the best ones”. Now we can take them through that process and that’s helped massively".
Laurie Handcock - Director, Built Heritage & Townscape 
VU.CITY Case Study Iceni
VU.CITY Iceni Crown House
Laurie Handcock - Director, Built Heritage & Townscape from Iceni Projects.
Crown House (consented scheme) and Cambridge Road (recently completed) in Barking & Dagenham, which Iceni Projects were the Planning Consultant.
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You can visualise it (the scheme) from street level, roof level, from someone’s window… Our clients are seeing that early and they are making the change before we even go to pre-app. Which means some of the concerns are being removed immediately.
Charlotte Orrell - Senior Planner

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