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Every major city has a selection of statues that symbolise the importance of historical figures. Such is our dedication to authenticity that we wanted to include them in our model where possible, so we’ve incorporated the most popular models in London, as well as a few international statues you might recognise.

Our modelling team are equally as passionate about replicating statues and art installations as they are about buildings, so if there’s a model you’d like us to capture for you please contact us.


About the project

To capture statues we take photographs at 5-10 degree intervals of the 360-degree target. We then convert the files into a format compatible with Autodesk Remake to start the process of generating the 3D model, which typically takes between 12-36 hours per statue. Once done, we import the mesh into ZBrush to polish and decimate it, helping create a more authentic “statuesque” look.

  • Source Imagery: Terrestrial photography
  • Date of capture: 2016
  • Level of detail: 4
  • Accuracy: 20cm
  • Available formats: C4D, DWG, FBX, MAX, OBJ