Project Description


Every major city has a selection of statues that symbolise the importance of historical figures. Such is our dedication to authenticity that we wanted to include them in our model where possible, so we’ve incorporated the most popular models in London, as well as a few international statues you might recognise.

Our modelling team are equally as passionate about replicating statues and art installations as they are about buildings, so if there’s a model you’d like us to capture for you please contact us.

Statue of Boadicea

The statue of Boadicea and her daughters is considered the magnum opus of the sculptor and engineer Thomas Thornycroft. It is a bronze sculpture found by Westminster Bridge.

Statue of Benjamin Disraeli

The statue of Benjamin Disraeli was installed in Parliament Square in 1883. It is a bronze sculpture made by Mario Raggi.

Statue of Abraham Lincoln

The statue of Abraham Lincoln in Parliament Square was made in c.1920. It is a replica of the statue which stands in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Statue of Winston Churchill

The statue of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill stands in Parliament Square, London, where Chruchill himself famously declared as the spot “where my statue will go.” It was created by Ivor Roberts-Jones.

Statue of David Lloyd George

The statue of David Lloyd George by Glynn Williams was unveiled in 2007 and is made of bronze, standing 8 feet tall. It was funded by the David Lloyd George Statue Appeal.

Statue of Edward Smith-Stanley

The statue of The Earl of Derby, Edward Smith Stanley, was unveiled in 1874 and is positioned in Parliament Square. The statue was made by Matthew Noble and is Grade II listed.

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi stands in Parliament Square.

Statue of Jan Smuts

The statue of Jan Smuts was commissioned by Winston Churchill during his return to power in 1951. It was created by Sir Jacob Epstein and unveiled in 1956, standing on a South African granite pedestal.

Statue of George Canning

The statue of George Canning can also be found in Parliament Square and was made by Sir Richard Westmacott. The statue was erected in 1832 and was moved to its current location in 1867.

Statue of Henry John Temple

The statue of Lord Palmerston, Henry John Temple, was created by sculptor and poet Thomas Woolner. It has been located in Parliament Square since 1876.

Statues of Lions at Houses of Parliament and Richard the Lionhearted

Richard, Couer de Lion is an equestrian statue of King Richard I. It is also known as Richard the Lionheart. It is situated in Old Palace Yard by The Palace of Westminster. The first statue was made of clay in 1851, it was later changed to plaster in 1854 and then to bronze in 1856.

Statue of Robert Peel

The statue of former Prime Minister Robert Peel was the first of three statues to be placed in Parliament Square, London. It was sculpted by Matthew Noble.

About the project

To capture statues we take photographs at 5-10 degree intervals of the 360 degree target. We then convert the files into a format compatible with Autodesk Remake to start the process of generating the 3D model, which typically takes between 12-36 hours per statue. Once done, we import the mesh into ZBrush to polish and decimate it, helping create a more authentic “statuesque” look.

  • Source Imagery: Terrestrial photography
  • Date of capture: 2016
  • Level of detail: 4
  • Accuracy: 20cm
  • Available formats: C4D, DWG, FBX, MAX, OBJ