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VU.CITY has been developed by GIA, the UK’s largest specialist advisor in rights of light and neighbourly matters, and Wagstaffs, the award winning digital agency.

Highly accurate

The creation of VU.CITY represents a multi-million pound development and tens of thousands of hours. A team of 175 3D modelers combine data from stereo photogrammetry from high resolution aerial photography with terrestrial photogrammetry, measured surveys and laser scanning at ground level to produce an accurate digital model.

Global coverage

Our coverage now includes London, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Brighton and Paris with future planned growth and investment at home and abroad.

1,000 sq km

Our coverage of London is expanding daily and by September 2018 we will reach 1,000 square km, covering all of central London and significant parts of every London Borough.

VU.CITY is already in use by local government, public bodies, architects, land owners, developers, property agents and others. It has been thoroughly tested in the real world and is proven to add real value to how these organisations work.

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