Modelling in Woking

  • Total area:  8 sq km of Woking
  • Source imagery:  Flown Date 2018, 12.5cm GSD
  • Date of capture:  Continuing capture
  • Level of detail:  3 (Levels 1-4 available)
  • Accuracy:  15cm
  • Minimum order:  0.1 km sq
  • Example Cost:  LOD3 from £3,500 + VAT / km sq
  • Available formats:  DWG, 3DS, C4D, SKP, FBX (more options available upon request)

    Our 3D Woking Model has been manually captured from high-resolution aerial imagery and is accurate to within 15 cm in x, y and z-axis.

    If you are a VU.CITY Platform user the order size is reduced and is sold at a significant discount. Not a VU.CITY licence holder? VU.CITY is the most accurate, accessible and interactive 3D platform that helps people make better decisions.

    The Most Popular Choice

    Most customers opt for Level 3 when requesting models. It displays a great level of detail as it separates the terrain by land use, including roads, water, pavements, railways, platforms, pathways, greenspace and playgrounds. LOD3 models also includes trees for added realism.

    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD3
    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD3
    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD3

    Bespoke Services for Beautiful Presentations

    If you wish to purchase a model of a shop front, building, street, stadium, or a city block that includes intricate façade details, such as windows, doors, glass, metal and concrete, then we’re able to do this as a bespoke service. This realistic imagery is ideal for pitches and presentations.

    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD4
    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD4
    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD4

    For Base Model Needs

    Depending on your needs, you might choose a base model, as offered by LOD 1-2. LOD1 offers massing models that show accurate heights and proportions but minimal detail, with no functionality to separate the terrain. Whereas LOD2 has the same level of detail, but does allow you to separate the terrain and also includes trees.

    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD1-2
    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD1-2
    VU.CITY Woking Model LOD1-2

    Standard Turnaround Times

    Our standard turnaround is within 3 working days. If the area you require isn’t on the map yet, we can still capture and deliver what you need at no extra cost to you, but it may take up to 6 working days. 24-hour turnarounds are also sometimes possible, please get in touch to find out more.

    3D Printed Model Services

    In order to give you a quote on 3D Printing, please let us know the size of the print/scale, whether or not you want to print in colour, and also what material you’d like us to use. Also how the model will be used – can the model be physically touched? This can be a health and safety concern, but is not a problem if the model will be placed in a display case.

    Get Geometry with a VU.CITY Licence

    A key benefit of having a VU.CITY licence is that the minimum order size is reduced to 250m x 250m and is sold at a significant discount. The minimum purchase amount if you are not a VU.CITY licence holder is 0.1 sq km. Find out more about VU.CITY.

    If have any questions please contact us on 0207 401 5360 or email us so we can help.