false,Jamie Holmes,false

Jamie Holmes

false,Joanne McCarter,false

Joanne McCarter

Head of Customer Success
false,Ross Jenner,false

Ross Jenner

Sales Director
false,Jamel Teka,false

Jamel Teka

3D Model QC
false,John Pearse,false

John Pearse

3D Modelling Team Supervisor
false,Kasia Wrzosek,false

Kasia Wrzosek

Photogrammetry Projects Leader
false,Pamela Oakley,false

Pamela Oakley

VU.CITY Support
false,Jason Hawthorne,false

Jason Hawthorne

Chief Product Officer
false,Samuel Trudgian,false

Samuel Trudgian

false,Matt Taylor,false

Matt Taylor

Unity Developer
false,Andrea Friel,false

Andrea Friel

false,Gordon Ingram,false

Gordon Ingram

Chairman of VU.CITY
false,Matt Felton,false

Matt Felton

Product Owner
false,Gabor David Duna,false

Gabor David Duna

Senior Photogrammetrist
false,Jonathan Collin,false

Jonathan Collin

VU.CITY Support
false,Jameela Howard,false

Jameela Howard

Model QC
false,Paul Oesten-Creasey,false

Paul Oesten-Creasey

Head of Innovation
false,Matt Hayes,false

Matt Hayes

GIS Data Manager
false,Rachel Feenstra,false

Rachel Feenstra

Marketing Manager
false,Storm Jude,false

Storm Jude

Model Quality Control
false,Silas Osborne,false

Silas Osborne

Unity Developer
false,Anthony Jenkins,false

Anthony Jenkins

Head of Technology
false,Scarlet Fairweather,false

Scarlet Fairweather

Technical Artist
false,Tamara Sheehan,false

Tamara Sheehan

PMO Coordinator
false,Oliver Boustead,false

Oliver Boustead

Unity Developer
false,Cayelan Mendoza,false

Cayelan Mendoza

Technical Support Manager
false,Julian Chick,false

Julian Chick

Development Operations
false,Peter Cutler,false

Peter Cutler

Business Development Executive
false,Tom Murray,false

Tom Murray

Scrum Master
false,Paul Allain,false

Paul Allain

Software Engineer
false,Ed Meekums,false

Ed Meekums

Technical Artist
false,Rachel Adler,false

Rachel Adler

Business Development Executive
false,Lucas Tsen,false

Lucas Tsen

Senior Quality Assurance Software Engineer
false,Marina Prognimak,false

Marina Prognimak

Software Tester
false,James Gaskin,false

James Gaskin

Technical Support
false,Ethesham Haque,false

Ethesham Haque

Head of Projects
false,Chris Martin,false

Chris Martin

Real Time 3D Artist
false,Carmen Paun,false

Carmen Paun

Software Engineer
false,James Fiddaman,false

James Fiddaman

Software Engineer
false,Dan Smith,false

Dan Smith

3D Architectural Visualisation Artist
false,Chris Parr,false

Chris Parr

false,George Hodgkin,false

George Hodgkin

3D Modeller
false,Andrew Bullmore,false

Andrew Bullmore

Business Development Executive
false,Andrea Paduano,false

Andrea Paduano

3D Technical Artist
false,Angelos Gkountis,false

Angelos Gkountis

Senior Software Engineer
false,Nathan Carvell,false

Nathan Carvell


Join the VU.CITY Team

As a fast growing property technology company, we are always on the look out for talented and passionate people to join our team. If you have digital skills and are interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Current open positions

false,Business Development Manager,false,false

Business Development Manager

Tue Sep 24 2019

Contract: Full-time
Location: London

false,Business Development Executive,false,false

Business Development Executive

Tue Sep 24 2019

Contract: Full-time
Location: London

false,Regional Business Development Manager,false,false

Regional Business Development Manager

Tue Sep 24 2019

Contract: Full-time
Location: Manchester