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Last updated on July 26, 2019

Build your own View Camera study

Use the following form to create your own View Camera study. Your study will be packaged as a VU.CITY Project that you will need to upload to your VU.CITY Drive. Once uploaded, you can open it in the VU.CITY app by choosing Developments / Load Project. After loading your project, choose Camera / View Cameras / Show Studies.

The camera focal length defaults to 24mm, and can be easily adjusted once imported into the VU.CITY app.

Your pitch should be in degrees between -90 (looking straight down) and 90 (looking straight up), and your bearing should be in degrees up to 360 (0 is North, 90 is East etc).

Your AOD should be the height of the terrain at your survey site, and your camera will sit 1.65 metres above the terrain at that point (i.e eye height).

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