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Using the taskbar

The main controls in VU.CITY are referred to as the taskbar.  The taskbar is made up of six buttons positioned along the bottom of the screen:


Contains an extrusion tool for creating massing models, an importer for models created in a separate 3D modelling package, a timeline for schemes that have been consented / are under construction, and options for saving and loading projects.


Contains a number of useful features for manipulating the VU.CITY model including sunlight and weather, highlighting and removing objects, measuring heights and distances, aligning with protected views, and a number of options for optimising performance.


Allows you to save and load views from different vantage points, and export views as high-resolution image files.


Layers a number of GIS data sources over the map including air quality, transport connectivity, rail maps, conservation areas, bedrock, flooding, and many more.


Allows you to search addresses, postcodes, and landmarks to assist in navigating the model.


Contains options for controlling the quality and resolution of the map, resetting the map, changing cities, accessing online documentation, and closing the app.

For a detailed breakdown of each option in the taskbar, see here.

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