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Once a VU.CITY license has been issued, a license “Owner” will be assigned to manage licenses. When a licence is first issued, the Owner will be sent registration details and Log in details for the VU.CITY dashboard. Through the dashboard an Owner can assign, disable and manage users under the company license.

An Owner is responsible for setting up users under the registered company. When a user has been enrolled in a company licence, an invitation email is sent to the users email to activate their account. This mail will contain an activation link which when clicked will direct the user to the VU.CITY dashboard. Here the user can set a desired password and access the dashboard.

Owner: An owner of an Organisation is the individual that has purchased the license. An owner has all privileges including assigning, disabling and managing users under the company license. Each Organisation can only have one owner.


User: Users are individuals with primary access to VU.CITY. An Organization can have multiple users depending on what number of user were purchased in the license agreement.



Registration emails may be sent to the Junk/Spam folder, please remember to check Junk/Spam folders for the registration email if it can’t be found in your inbox.