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Some network environments can prevent VU.CITY from connecting to our servers despite the fact computers on those networks are otherwise able to access the internet. If this happens to you, please refer your IT department to this article.

Port And IP Information

When configuring your network, it’s important to note that VU.CITY is built using Unity, meaning you will need to allow access to both our IP, and Unity’s IP for the purposes of validating your licence and checking for updates. Please note the following:

– VU.CITY uses port 443 for secure communication;
– The VU.CITY IP address is;
– The Unity IP address is

Network configurations are specific to a company’s infrastructure and software needs.  We are therefore unable to provided dedicated support on how to configure your network, other than to say port 443 should be open, or the VU.CITY and Unity IP addresses should be allowed.

Proxy Servers

VU.CITY uses SSL for secure end-to-end communication. It therefore does not support the use of proxy servers.

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