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Proposed Scheme Insertion

To insert a model, click on Developments in the taskbar, and select Proposed.  This will display the following menu:

From here you can import your own model.


Models must be in the FBX format (2011-2016 only) and must not exceed 128MB in size.  File sizes up to 20MB are ideal – larger files will need to be optimised by removing unnecessary vertices.  For help optimising models, please reach out to our support team.

VU.CITY also supports models that are geo-located using Ordnance Survey coordinates (OS).  If your model is not geo-located using OS coordinates, you will need to zero the model (move the model to the centre of the scene in your modelling software) then manually input your coordinates directly into VU.CITY.  To manually input OS coordinates when importing, select the positioning tool and enter your coordinates. The positioning tool looks like this: 

Once selected, X/Y/Z fields will appear on the right allowing you to position your model manually:


The VU.CITY model importer supports FBX files created using AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, and 3DS Max / Maya.

Revit models can have scaling issues depending on the measurement unit in which they are built.  See here for further information.

Imported models will disappear from VU.CITY once you terminate your session.

The following video walks you through the import process:

See here for more information on preparing your model for import.

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