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Requesting a model from a developer or architect

To import a model into VU.CITY, you will need to know:

– Which 3D modelling app was used to create the model;
– What scale was used (VU.CITY supports mm, cm, m, in, and ft);
– The geolocation coordinates and AOD (in metres).

A model provided by a developer/architect needs to conform to the following requirements:

– Exported as an FBX file (2013-2016);
– Maximum file size of 128MB;
– All geometry joined / merged into a single object;

We therefore recommend you include all of the above in any checklists or packs you send out to developers/architects, so that by the time you receive the model, you can easily import it. You may also refer them to this article explaining these requirements in more detail.

Evaluating without a model

While waiting for a suitable FBX model from your developer/architect, you can create your own massing as per the instructions in this article.

To help build your own massing model, you can use the plan view (proposed site plan) provided by the developer when drawing the building’s footprint using our Create tool. You can then simply stretch the building up to the desired AOD height, or if you know the height of each floor, add floors until the total specified height has been reached.

Importing a model

We have prepared a detailed guide for importing models here.

If there are issues with the model preventing it from importing normally, please refer the developer/architect directly to VU.CITY Support where we can help them troubleshoot their model.