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Object Highlighter

To help provide contrast and context, you can highlight objects in the VU.CITY model.  Select Tools / Object Highlighter to reveal the following menu:

Choose Start Selecting then click on any building you wish to highlight.  Your selection will be shaded red for easy identification:

After selecting one or more buildings, adjust the colour palette or enter a hexadecimal colour code as desired, then hit Apply:

You can highlight multiple buildings, and use multiple colours:

You’ll also notice two sliders below the colour palette for controlling the smoothness of the colour as well as how metallic it appears.

There is also a slider for controlling opacity. Slide it all the way to the right for a solid colour, and all the way to the left for a translucent colour:

Once you’ve got your colour just right, click the + icon to save it for future use.

Looking for the legacy version of this article? See here.