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Last updated on June 10, 2019

Your First Login

When logging into your dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted to create a user.  The very first user you create will automatically be an admin user.

NOTE: Your username should always be your email address.

Add a Company

Only an admin user can create a company.  To do this, log into the dashboard and complete the following steps:

– Select the All Companies tab;
– Select Add New Company and fill in the details.

NOTE: When adding a new company, please set the “role” field to user.

Add a User

An admin can add a user who will be automatically subscribed under the associated company.  To do this, log in to the dashboard and complete the following steps:

– Select the My Users tab;
– Select Add User and fill in the details.

Editing / Resetting / Deleting Users

Once an admin has added users to the company, the My Users tab will display a list of them.  Alongside each user are the following icons:

Select the view icon (eye) to see their account, the edit icon (pencil) to modify it, the refresh icon (circular arrow) to reset it, and the delete icon (trash can) to permanently remove it.

NOTE: Resetting an account will send an email to the user with instructions and a link to reset their password.  Their VU.CITY access will be suspended until they click that link and set a new password.

Deleting a user cannot be undone. To reinstate a user’s access, add them as a new user.  They will then need to reinstall VU.CITY.

Changing Owners

To change the owner of a company license, contact our support team on 0808 168 3931.

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