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In re-engineering VU.CITY for the future, we’ve made fundamental changes under the hood that deliver better performance, greater flexibility for integrating new features, and forward-thinking cloud integration. The following information has been collated to help prepare you for the move the latest VU.CITY release.

Welcome To The Cloud

The cloud is integral to how VU.CITY works. To enable full cloud access, users with firewalls that block outgoing traffic will need to update their network settings.

For full details on what settings need changing, how our cloud integration works, and how we handle your privacy, please see here.

Reclaim Local Storage Space

As VU.CITY provides highly accurate scale models of entire cities, the base model assets can take up a considerable amount of local storage. Our London model data for example is over 20GB in size.

Your current VU.CITY assets are not compatible with our latest release. Therefore to reclaim space on your local storage, you can safely delete your current VU.CITY assets.

Your current assets can be found at C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\LocalLow\VUCITY

All New Base Model

Our latest release uses all new model assets, so please allow time for them to download when you very first log in.

If for example you plan to use VU.CITY in a meeting or for a demonstration, please log in and install all updates in advance, as they can take some time depending on the size of your city model. Please also see here for information about our Model Range tool which can be used to help ensure presentations run smoothly.

Geolocation Simplified

Manual geolocation is about to get much easier! In fact, you can simply click where you want your model to appear! To learn how to manually geolocate, please see here.

If your model has already been geolocated using a 3D modelling application, importing will be just as easy as before.

Say Hello to Saving and Loading

With the introduction of saving and loading VU.CITY Projects, you can now reload previous sessions including imported models, view camera studies, and even weather and daylight settings.

Get prepared by changing all your current View Camera studies into a VU.CITY Project file now. See here for more information.