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For measuring elevation, select Tools / Measurements / AOD to reveal the following menu:

The tool contains two sliders that start at sea level (AOD 0) and can go up to 1,000 metres.

The slider on the left will visualise the AOD as a green layer, and the slider on the right will visualise the AOD as a blue layer:

Any height difference between the two layers will be displayed in red under the “Offset” field.


There are two point tools – one for checking the grid coordinates and AOD of a specific point, and another for measuring the distance between multiple points.

To check the grid coordinates and AOD of a specific point, go to Tools / Measurements / Point / Point then click anywhere on the map.  A red dot will appear at the point you’ve chosen, and a tag will appear above it with grid coordinates, and the AOD:

To measure the distance between more than one point, select Tools / Measurements / Point / A–X then click on multiple locations:

To remove the point data layered over the VU.CITY model, click Clear Measurements.

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