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How To Manually Geolocate Your Model

Some of the modelling applications we support in VU.CITY themselves don’t support / are unable to export geolocation data.  For example, SketchUp uses Google Earth’s coordinate system, and Revit does not include geolocation data when exporting FBX files.

If you import a model without geolocation data, it won’t appear at your site, rather it will appear at point zero of the city model you’re using. The following picture is an example of a non-geolocated model imported into London:

To remedy this, you’ll need to calculate the offset from your desired location to VU.CITY point zero. You can enter your Northings and Eastings coordinates (or ITM coordinates for Belfast) in the following calculator, select your city, and automatically calculate the offsets:

Eastings (Metres)

Northings (Metres)

Choose your city

VU.CITY X Offset

VU.CITY Y Offset

Enter these offsets directly into the X and Y offset fields in VU.CITY, noting the Z field is where you enter your AOD height. These offset fields will appear once you click on the offset button, which looks like this: