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Last updated on June 19, 2019

Preparing Revit models

Revit exports FBX files scaled 0.3048:1 and not 1:1, which means they can only be imported into VU.CITY using feet regardless of your scale inside of Revit. VU.CITY presently doesn’t support feet (coming soon) so you will need to adjust the scale in a dedicated 3D modelling package such as 3ds Max.

The recommended workflow is:

– Build the model in Revit at zero (i.e. your Project Base Point located at Revit’s startup location) using true north;
– Export from Revit to 3ds Max using the “LOD” export option;
– Geolocate the model using 3ds Max;
– Join/collapse all geometry into a single object;
– Export from 3ds Max as an FBX file scaled in metres.

If your Project base Point is not at Revit’s startup location, but it is not feasible to move it there due to the size of your model, you can instead create an empty Revit file using the origin to origin method, and link your model to it.

Note the LOD option when exporting from Revit simplifies the geometry. See here for more information.