Preparing a Model for Import


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Model Insertion

To insert a proposed model, some best practices are described below to ensure the model imported meets the requirements set out for VU.CITY

Checklist for VU.CITY Model Import
  • FBX (Filmbox) Versions 2011-2016 only
  • Size Limit: 128MB per file
  • Files must be geo-located in OS space
  • Models must be imported in the same scale they were created in
  • You will need to know the source program (VU.CITY currently accepts AutoCad, 3DSMax, Rhino, SketchUp and Revit)


  • VU.CITY is intended for massing purposes ONLY and will not accommodate import of large-set BIM models with full structural information.
  • Files larger than the 128MB limit will need to be broken up into smaller files and imported separately. Each file should be broken up into manageable objects of no more than 65535 vertices or Tris, preferably separated by materials. This is not necessary to successfully import a model but will help represent the model with the most accurate appearance.
  • All polygon face normal’s should be correctly orientated outwards and Vertices welded.
  • Avoid importing unnecessary geometry such as interiors and furniture, this will only slow down import.
  • Materials : Standard materials with diffuse and specular, named separately.
  • Imported models in VU.CITY are not saved and are terminated after a session is closed.

Model requirements

  • Models will need to be located using Ordnance Survey coordinates. To ensure a smooth import process, reduce vertices to a level that maintains quality. The model is optimised for real-time by reducing vertices and correcting normals on all meshes, this is to ensure the correct representation in the real-time environment.

Follow the list of parameters below to ensure your model gets into VUCITY correctly:

  • Ensure the correct source program is being used to import a model
  • Ensure it is being imported in the same scale as it was created in, “Industry standard is metres”
  • For models to appear in the right place, they need to be Geo located. All of the 5 programs should do this besides sketch up & Revvit. The alternative for this is to ZERO the model and then import by typing in the co ordinates  manually. Coordinates can be found using this website:
  • Using these programs, models need to be imported as an FBX file.
  • Max file size is 128mb or 65,535 vertices, but you can import more than one object / model

Watch this quick video to explain how to import a file into your private VU.CITY platform

For any questions regarding these instructions, please get in touch with the VU.CITY support team via 0808 168 3931 or