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Which file formats can be imported into VU.CITY?

VU.CITY only supports FBX files (versions 2011-2016)

Why can I not navigate anymore? It worked fine before using the View Camera…

Most features / tools in VU.CITY need to be toggled off manually after use.  In this case, you would need to go into Camera and deselect View Camera to be able to navigate around the map once more.

Why do my screenshots take up so much space?

Screenshots are scaled based on your computer’s resolution. So if you are using a high definition monitor and take for example a 4X screenshot, the image will be very detailed, however the file size will be very large.

I have imported a model but it has holes in it. The original model didn’t. How can I fix this?

Check that your model’s normals are correct (they should all face outwards). Faces with inverted normals are culled in VU.CITY meaning your model will appear to have missing faces.

How big can my model file be?

VU.CITY is intended for massing models, not detailed BIM files. Massing models are typically small in size.  For example, many of the buildings you see in the VU.CITY model do not exceed 1MB. While VU.CITY can handle files up to 128MB, in practice, importing files in excess of 20MB will likely result in performance issues. Likewise the number of objects inside your model can have a significant effect on performance regardless of the overall file size. For best performance we recommend your model contain no more than 10 objects.

Why can’t I log into VU.CITY?

– Please ensure you’re connected to the internet;
– Check that you have access with an admin user;
– If you have forgotten your password, reset it

Why is my computer is slow when running VU.CITY?

The VU.CITY model is large and graphically demanding.  If your computer is having difficulty keeping up, try closing down unnecessary applications and disconnecting any additional monitors.

My VU.CITY download has failed – what do I do?

– Check your Internet connection. The download is fairly large, so use an Ethernet connection if available;
– Restart VU.CITY and try the download again;
– Restart your computer if restarting VU.CITY does not resolve your download issue;
– Ensure you have at least 20GB of storage available for the model, and 5GB for the app.

Why won’t VU.CITY install on my computer?

Ensure your computer meets our minimum requirements as detailed here.  If your system meets those requirements but you are still unable to install, you may not have enough available storage.

Why won’t tiles in the VU.CITY model load?

– Check you have a stable internet connection;
– You may need to restart VU.CITY by selecting Settings / Reset

Why do my models look funny?

Scaling and geolocation are the usual culprits when models don’t import as they should.  For more information, see here

Why is VU.CITY taking a long time to open?

– Your very first time logging into VU.CITY will be slower than subsequent logins as additional data needs to be downloaded;
– A poor internet connection can affect the speed at which the app loads.

I fell off the edge of a tile while walking around in the model, what do I do?

Exit Walk mode by selecting Camera and deselecting Walk Camera

VU.CITY froze during use – what do I do?

– If the mouse is still responsive, select Tools / Tile Loading / Freeze Tile Loading make sure this option is not ticked;
– Restart VU.CITY by selecting Settings / Reset
– In rare cases you may need to use your Task Manager to force-quit the application (i.e. Ctrl+Alt+Delete).

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