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Last updated on June 11, 2019


To measure the actual distance between two points, approximate walk time from a specific location, or to check the AOD (above ordnance datum) height of a development relative to its surroundings, click Tools then select Measurements:

You are presented with three options:

AOD Tool

Use the sliders in the AOD tool to compare the ground (green) to the AOD height (blue).  For example, you can slide the AOD height up to match the height of your building, and compare it to nearby buildings:

Point Tool

The A–B point tool will measure the distance between any two points (i.e. A and B).  Once you click A–B in the Measurements menu, click anywhere in the VU.CITY model to place your A marker, then click a second time to place your B marker:

Add multiple measurements by clicking A–B again, and click Clear Measurements to remove them.

Walking Distance Tool

The Walking Distance tool overlays approximate “as the crow flies” walking times from any point on the map.  Select Tools / Measurements / Walking Distance then click anywhere on the ground: