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Last updated on August 05, 2019


The Create tool can be used to extrude your own massing models. To get started, select Developments / Create and the following menu will appear:

Choosing the Floppy Disk icon will bring up the load / save menu:

This menu allows you to save any buildings you have created yourself, or to load ones worked on previously. The FBX and IFC buttons allow you to export your massing model in either format so you may continue working on them in your modelling / CAD / BIM package of choice.

If you wish to import an FBX file that you created yourself in VU.CITY, the import settings are 3ds Max as the file origin, and centimetres as the scale. Note the model will already be geolocated, so there is no need to enter any coordinates.

IMPORTANT: Any models you create are saved locally onto your computer, and are not backed up to VU.CITY Drive. Instead, they are stored in your documents folder under Documents/VU.CITY/Exported

Get creating

To create a massing model, click on the Plus icon to reveal the following menu:

You’ll also notice a sub-menu appear allowing you to manage multiple buildings. The Pencil icon lets you draw the base of the building anywhere in the VU.CITY model, the 4-way Arrow allows you to adjust its position, the Location Pin will take you to your building, the Eye toggles the building on and off, and the Checkbox indicates which building you are currently editing:

Click on the Pencil icon, and you’ll notice a green square appear around your cursor. This indicates that you are in drawing mode. Please then click anywhere on the ground inside the VU.CITY model to start mapping the corners of your massing:

Your shape must be made up of at least 3 points. Once you join them together, a single-story building of that shape will automatically extrude from the ground:

The default floor height is 4 metres. You can change this by clicking on the text box next to Set All Floor Heights, entering a new numerical value, and clicking Set:

You can also adjust the floor height by dragging the red arrow above the model up and down.

Use the + and buttons on the right-hand side to add and remove floors.

As you click on a floor on the model, teal squares will appear on each corner. These squares can be dragged to adjust the shape/size of individual floors:

To make a flat face curved, click on the face, then click it a second time to reveal the following menu option: