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Camera Placer

You can place interactive camera views anywhere in the VU.CITY model.  To get started, select Camera / Camera Placer and the cursor will change to a crosshair.  Click the crosshair where you’d like to place the camera:

Depending on where you hover the crosshair, you’ll notice an icon of a running man, or an icon of a building.  This indicates whether the camera will end up on the ground, or attached to the side of a building:

In the following image, the camera was placed on the footpath along Tower Bridge in London:

The following image shows the camera attached to the side of one of the towers on the bridge:

If you place the camera on the ground, you will be able to walk around by pressing the arrow keys.  If you place the camera on the side of a building, you can change floors by pressing the up and down arrow keys.

To return to the standard floating camera, deselect Camera Placer in the Camera taskbar menu.

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