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Whether your project is for a house or an entire city, make the right decisions with VU.CITY. Explore the functions and benefits of our 3D digital planning and design tool to see what you can achieve, where and when – better and faster. 

All our cities are highly accurate up to 15cm and fully interactive. Quickly understand the potential of a site with major consented schemes visualized.

impressive accuracy

Test feasibility and make better informed decisions early on with massing functionality. Import refined designs from external 3D modelling software (Revit, Rhino, SketchUp & 3ds Max) and securely share and collaborate on designs.

Test designs in context

Discover opportunities and limitations, such as with camera tools to study views from bird’s-eye to pedestrian level. Place cameras to look out of your design concept to see the views and work out the most desirable units. Use cutting edge tools, such as Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV), to instantly see where your scheme can be viewed from.

Explore key views

See the visual impact of your scheme in a matter of minutes

Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) is an advanced scoping tool in VU.CITY that shows the effects of a proposed development by letting you instantly see where it is visible at ground level.

Annotate and collaborate on Projects with VU.CITY 'Tags'

Tags are a VU.CITY feature that enable richer information collation, sharing and collaboration to create a shared vision with project teams, clients and local authorities.

Protected views visualized in VU.CITY London

There are some important views across London, from parks and other public spaces that take in important buildings, to urban landscapes that help culturally define the city. These important views are visualized in VU.CITY London so you design schemes in these areas with clarity on height restrictions.

Understand the impact of light and weather at an early stage - for any time, any day of the year - in seconds. See how a building might encroach on daylight, where to position windows and balconies, and more. Create corresponding imagery that enhances bids and applications.

Micro-climate Analysis

Use planning data layers that are relevant to each city from public and private sector sources. See if your site is near any listed buildings or in a conservation area right away and examine other key factors, such as pollution and public accessibility, to understand the feasibility and impact of your scheme.

Data-led decisions

Whether it be on bids, design meetings, pre-app, planning committee and more, you can use the ‘Presenter Tool’ to take stakeholders on a journey of design to support understanding and have meaningful conversations to improve project outcomes.

Impressively present proposals live

Measure and compare heights and distances with any existing, conceptual or approved developments with AOD height tools and point measurements in a 15cm accurate city model.

Measure with accuracy


How can using VU.CITY benefit my application?

23 UK & International Cities

Over 3,000+ sq km accurate to 15cm  I  Tools to scope, create & collaborate on designs

In your words

“We’re bringing in architects and our clients and different consultants in one room and we’re viewing the drawing, the architecture and the massing through VU.CITY.”
Charlotte Orrell
Senior Planner at Iceni Projects
“VU.CITY is a valuable tool used in the development of our Local Plan at a time of unprecedented growth. It has brought a level of transparency that has helped us understand the impact of development on the character of our areas. This in turn is allowing us to create policies and develop aspirations for sites that are robust and tested, and is helping us to meaningfully engage with our communities.”
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Tania Drew
Urban Design Officer - Waltham Forest Council
"We like to work closely with our design teams and VU.CITY has changed the way we’re able to collaborate with our architects and local authority partners. We’re now able to test designs quickly with more detail which allows us to optimise our schemes with more certainty."
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Nicholas Hayden
Senior Design Manager - Mount Anvil
"At last, Farrells and London have their interactive digital model which we have all been waiting for - and it was well worth the wait! Masterplanning will rise to another level!"
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Sir Terry Farrell
Founder - Farrells
"3D visualization using VU.CITY speeds up our workflow and allows us to understand projects in their surroundings, with long distance and close-up views!"
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Kirsty Braes
Project Assistant - Peter Stewart Consultancy
"The practice is taking full advantage of the VU.CITY model platform to great effect. As a design tool VU.CITY is exceptional, the extent to which we can now substantiate our architectural proposals with supporting data and compelling verified visuals is a game changer. The team are going beyond the clear benefits the software provides to test both urban and townscape strategies on major projects to explore environmental and microclimate impacts.”
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Paul Stallan
Design Director - Stallan-Brand