An innovative approach to solving problems related to Smart City planning that is authentic and professional. VU.CITY is constantly evolving effective ways of communicating these solutions and sharing change and information.

VU.CITY is a 3D work space capable of supporting multiple industries. It is currently designed to simulate, test, and visualise experience across an entire city. It saves money when planning, makes money when designing, and increasingly will inform and empower communities.

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Insert your 3D model or extrude a massing  into VU.CITY to analyse your scheme for appraisals and concept design

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Understand and interrogate GIS data – listed and historic buildings, PTAL ratings and more

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Transport data visualisation including pedestrian (Legion) and traffic (VISSIM or Paramics) modelling


The built environment

Architects & Professionals

Instantly and accurately test the impact of height, scale and massing in both the existing context and within the context of future planned development, speeding up the iterative design process.


Developers, Land Owners & Property Advisors

Get an early understanding of the likely parameters of height, scale and massing in both the existing context and within the context of future planned development.


Public Sector

It enables officers to instantly and accurately test the impact of height, scale and massing in both the existing context and within the context of future planned development.



VU.CITY is an ideal platform to review, plan and manage at micro and macro scale. The platform supports large scale simulations for vehicle and pedestrian movements as true to life visualisations. In turn allowing enhanced understanding when forecasting change.

The GIS accurate model means that transport connections for rail and underground can be very accurately plotted. Even showing the real-time movements for trains and car flows.

VU.CITY is working with Transport for London (TfL), Network Rail and CrossRail2 in relation to OSD (Over Site development) to visualise the effect of pedestrian movements in and around proposed station and developments.

Telcom and Utilities

With a model accurate to 15cm VU.CITY is already establishing a place in the telecommunications and utilities space. VU.CITY is in discussions with Vodafone, Virgin Media, Telefonica and Thames Water to separately evaluate how best to both illustrate and apply their data. Having accurate sightlines and roofscapes has the potential to significantly assist with provision of 5G antenna. VU.CITY recognises significant opportunities within this sector that are yet to be capitalised upon.

Safety and Security

VU.CITY’s ability to link live security cameras and integrate data makes it a valuable asset when planning and reacting to real-time incidents. Examine sightlines from multiple buildings and visibility for a given major event and use as an engaging part of briefings for security teams.

Test scenarios and understand results in a visual platform with multiple layers of data integrated – such as pedestrian movements and wind flows.

VU.CITY was recently used at the heart of a major mock incident planning committee using the platform’s ability to simulate emergency scenarios and visualise outcomes. Discussions with the emergency services for integration are underway.

VU.CITY users: TfL Transport for London

Only very rarely do I come across a product that when I first see it I’m left wondering how we ever coped without it – VU.CITY is one of those products.

Graeme Craig, Commercial Development Director, Transport for London

VU.CITY users: Farrells

At last, Farrells and London have their interactive digital model – and it was well worth the wait! Masterplanning will rise to another level!

Sir Terry Farrell, Founder, Farrells

VU.CITY users: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

VU.CITY enables us to give developers a better understanding of how we want to do business and the opportunities available in our borough. It gives members of the council and local residents an understanding of how the whole borough is developing.

VU.CITY users: Lipton Rogers

Development and architecture are embracing technology at a rapid rate but many ideas are impractical or premature and don’t work. The VU.CITY platform is already making an essential difference to design and planning decisions in London and clearly will go much further.

Sir Stuart Lipton, Co-founder, Lipton Rogers

VU.CITY users: NLA New London Architecture

VU.CITY’s virtual London assists the Mayor, local planners, professionals and communities to better understand the impact of new development and to generate a more positive and collaborative attitude to growth.

Peter Murray, Chairman, New London Architecture

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