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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always keen to talk should you have any questions. To go one step further though, here are a few commonly asked questions that may be on your mind:

Which areas does VU.CITY cover?2019-06-03T16:41:03+01:00

VU.CITY covers London, and other major cities including New York, Paris, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Brighton and Oxford. We are adding new cities and new areas all the time. Please contact us to find out which cities are included and planned.

How often is VU.CITY updated?2019-06-03T16:07:47+01:00

We add more areas, data or consents to cities on a weekly basis. Users are prompted to download updates when logging into the platform. When we release a new version of the platform users will be prompted to download this from the user dashboard.

Is there a student or academic licence?2019-11-18T10:34:55+00:00

Student licences will be available in early 2020 – register your interest and we will be in contact as soon as this becomes available.

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Can I pay via invoice?2019-06-03T16:12:44+01:00

Yes, you are able to pay via invoice for annual subscriptions. Please contact sales at and they will be able to provide an order form for signature.

How do I add a new user or city?2019-06-03T16:15:18+01:00

Currently you will need to speak to the sales team on 020 3889 7030 or to add additional licences, we are working to provide this via our online portal shortly.

How can I download Geometry from VU.CITY?2019-06-03T16:26:20+01:00

All of the areas in the platform can be downloaded in .dwg format. We have split each city into a grid of 250m x 250m squares and you will shortly be able to select these from within the platform. Until then please contact sales on and they will be able to provide you access to the required geometry.

We include two areas of 250m x 250m as part of your annual licence, additional areas are available at a reduce cost of £100 per 250m x 250m. Using VU.CITY greatly reduces the requirement to purchase additional geometry so we limit the amount you can purchase to 1sq km.

What machine do I need to run VU.CITY?2019-06-03T17:21:13+01:00

The platform will run on most modern PC’s, those with dedicated graphics cards will provide the best and most performant user experience. Please read our knowledge base for specifications.

What are the different licence options?2019-06-03T16:32:45+01:00

You can subscribe to VU.CITY either on a monthly or yearly basis. A single user licence covers one city and you can add additional cities as required.

Can I add a model of a scheme I am working on into VU.CITY?2019-06-03T16:40:16+01:00

Yes, nobody else will see your scheme unless you share it with them, allowing you to collaborate with other VU.CITY Licence holders online. You can also save projects, ensuring you can pick up where you left off when you log back into the platform.

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