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Geolocate your own model into VU.CITY

Instantly and accurately test the impact of height, scale and massing in both the existing context and within the context of future planned development, speeding up the iterative design process.

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Make use of an extensive range of graphically presented data layers

Assess and appraise your designs, including Conservation Areas, listed buildings, protected and local viewing corridors, sunlight paths, and transport data, with further data layers such as pedestrian (Legion) and traffic (VISSIM) available as an additional service.

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Save money on modelling costs

VU.CITY significantly reduces, and in many cases removes, the need to purchase 3D models of the wider site context which typically cost thousands of pounds per project.

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Speed up and save money on Accurate Visual Representations (AVR)

VU.CITY transforms the scoping for AVRs allowing for an accurate assessment of any view by placing a virtual camera anywhere within VU.CITY. The results can be shared with the local authority to demonstrate which views actually require full assessment. This removes superfluous views from this expensive process and ensures a comprehensive process to avoid the need for additional views to be added later.


Earn more fees from additional services

VU.CITY provides architects the ability to undertake more detailed initial assessments that are traditionally the realm of more specialist consultants.

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Strengthen relationships with clients and other professionals

VU.CITY allows for the presentation of proposed designs in a more compelling way. Clients or other consultants with a licence to use VU.CITY can send files for uploading into their own VU.CITY to enable greater collaborative working and faster feedback.

VU.CITY Sunlight Path
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Speed up the planning process

VU.CITY is the perfect tool for presentations to officers and Councillors, ensuring the local authority has a greater understanding of the impact of a scheme. VU.CITY can also be used through community consultation to help the public and other stakeholders understand proposals in context.

“At last, Farrells and London have their interactive digital model – and it was well worth the wait! Masterplanning will rise to another level!”

Sir Terry Farrell, Founder – Farrells

“VU.CITY is a transparent, efficient planning tool which is making a fundamental difference to the design and planning decisions in London and has the potential to go far wider.”

Ken Shuttleworth, Founder – Make
“The NLA has been calling for a 3D digital model of London ever since we revealed the scale of tall buildings planned for the city. VU.CITY’s virtual London would do the things we asked for to assist the Mayor, local planners, professionals and communities to better understand the impact of new development and to generate a more positive and collaborative attitude to growth.”
Peter Murray, Chairman – New London Architecture

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