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Making Smart Cities a Reality

The competing demands of the human requirement for a decent quality of life against the need for more urban development creates tension in urban environments. With the UN predicting that 68% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, this problem will become more challenging.

Decisions made on how and what to build, and how to design the best possible city are complex, challenging, and the consequences of getting it wrong are long lasting and expensive. VU.CITY helps people to make better decisions on urban planning through accurate, impartial data in a 3D Digital Twin.

The VU.CITY platform covers the whole of London and the centres of other major UK and international cities. Adopted by over 80% of London’s boroughs, VU.CITY is helping simplify the process of planning and providing a working blueprint for the rest of the world.

All growing cities need to be sustainable, enjoyable places to live and work. Our platform focuses on efficiency, it’s tried and tested, and it works. By providing this tool for developers, architects, planners and the public sector to make the best possible decisions, we’ll be able to find a way towards creating the best possible cities for all.

Revolutionary design and masterplanning tool - import your 3D model into VU.CITY, view developments from ALL angles, including views out and take screen shots.

Save time and money through the planning process - assess scale, massing, footprint, AOD in minutes and reduce the number of AVRs by using VU.CITY to decide on key viewpoints.

A revolutionary tool

A revolutionary tool

Until now we have relied on physical models and CGIs to help visualise the future. Now VU.CITY has created the largest and most accurate truly interactive digital city model, continuously updated to provide a revolutionary tool for architects, developers, advisors and the public sector. Covering 500sq km of London – including every building, road, tree and public space – it is accurate to within 15cm.
A multi-million pound investment

A multi-million pound investment

VU.CITY has been developed by GIA, the UK’s largest specialist advisor in rights of light and neighbourly matters, and award winning digital agency, Wagstaffs. The creation of VU.CITY represents a millions of pounds of investment and tens of thousands of man-hours.
A direct business benefit

A direct business benefit

VU.CITY saves time and money for anyone involved in planning or development and is directly leading to better decision making. Using game engine technology, users can import their own 3D model into VU.CITY to immediately place their proposals in context and and test their visual impact, scale and massing.
A requirement through planning

A requirement through planning

The development of a digital model for London has long been called for as a vital planning tool for the city and the arrival of VU.CITY London is being rapidly adopted as a requirement by an increasing number of local authorities. It is vital therefore for architects, land owners and developers to understand and plan for the use of VU.CITY now and embrace the change that is coming.
An affordable licensing structure

An affordable licensing structure

The first annual licence for VU.CITY is just £5,000 per city and can be used across your organisation. It is an affordable and scalable licensing structure. Everyone taking a licence to VU.CITY London will have access to the entire city and the software is being continually developed.
A one-stop shop of expert advice

A one-stop shop of expert advice

VU.CITY is delivered by a consortium of market-leading businesses, each expert in their field, who provide essential services to support successful development and who understand how to maximize the benefits of VU.CITY in their own specialist areas.

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