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The creation of Smart Cities is key to unlocking how we address the evolution of the built environment in our cities in the future. VU.CITY digitally represents London in 3D and integrates data. It provides the platform for intelligent decision making for UK cities, developing best practice globally.

VU.CITY is a joint venture by rights of light consultants, GIA and award winning digital agency, Wagstaffs. It is the only highly accurate 3D interactive digital model of London and is already being used by developers, property consultants, architects and London Boroughs.

It addresses the simple, fundamental questions that have exercised the imaginations of property professionals for centuries: if we build this there what will it look like, who will it affect, and how will it affect them? To answer these questions we need to understand fundamental issues like right to light, protected views, integration with transport links, historic and projected property prices, aesthetics and quality of life considerations, amongst much else.

VU.CITY is an award winning visual platform from which we can integrate all types of data to manage and future proof a city’s existing assets – from planning new buildings and infrastructure, as well as live data feeds, such as traffic cameras, it can help us connect with our city in a way we have never done before.

Unprecedented access to 250 sqkm of London in accurate detail*- extending to 1,600 sq km (all 33 London Boroughs) by Summer 2018

(*Roofscape accurate to 15cm).

Revolutionary design and masterplanning tool – import your 3D model into VU.CITY, view developments from ALL angles, including views out and take screen shots.

Save time and money through the planning process – assess scale, massing, footprint, AOD in minutes and reduce the number of AVRs by using VU.CITY to decide on key viewpoints.