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Until now we have relied on physical models and CGIs to help visualise the future; VU.CITY has created the first truly interactive digital model of cities, continuously updated to provide a revolutionary tool for architects, developers, advisors and the public sector.

1,500 square km

VU.CITY London is the largest and most detailed digital model in the world, covering every building, road, tree and public space over a 1,500 square km area, accurate to within 15cm.

Game engine software

VU.CITY uses game engine software to present an award winning visual platform where you can view, zoom and rotate from a whole area right down to the detail of one building or walk around at street level.

Import your 3D model

You can import your own 3D model into VU.CITY to immediately see proposals in context. Test the visual impact, scale and massing, placing cameras anywhere within VU.CITY. Use it to determine which view require assessment and change the time of day to see the impact of shadows.

Live data feeds

VU.CITY contains multiple data sets, including listed buildings, conservation areas, protected viewing corridors and transport infrastructure as well as live data feeds, such as traffic cameras. This makes our understanding of raw data more fluid and intuitive.

Visualise all consented schemes

New or bespoke data can be easily overlaid into VU.CITY. Consented developments are included so that cumulative impact can be assessed and understood.

VU.CITY saves time and money for anyone involved in planning development and leads directly to better decision making.

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